Who is the Wealth Adviser?

Glenn Szlagowski first started in the brokerage industry way back in October 1987, just a couple weeks before the “Crash” – certainly, baptism by fire for a wet-behind-the-ears rookie.

In 1992, Glenn left the stock brokerage world for a new career in the financial services industry. He is now with Assante Financial Management Ltd and provides wealth management solutions for his clients.

During the  last 20 plus years in the financial industry  I saw the “Crash of 1987”, the real estate crash/saving & loan crisis in the early 1990’s, Canadian bank and trust co. failures, currency crisis in 1998, the tech “crash” early this decade, 9/11, the Iraq invasion of 2003, SARS, mad-cow, the U.S financial meltdown of 2008 - 2009. In those perilous times, guiding investors through the bad times and the good times, I continue to enjoy being part of an industry that monitors and conserves wealth in all types of market environments.

I thank my clients for the privilege to serve.

[Glenn is happily providing wealth management services for his clients and their families and blogs regularly on his financial web site at www.wealthadviser.ca.]

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