Europe – ignored and unloved (again)

Alarms have gone off. My triggers have been triggered.

America’s severe journalistic bias against the European Union continues unabated and they have not learned the lessons about missing 2011’s fabulous European recovery and soaring stock market.

Unfortunately, financial amnesia is running rampant much like this year’s flu bug. In the dim recesses of our memories we might recall the European Crisis ( just a few years ago) where the PIIGS countries (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain) were to go bankrupt (any second now) and Bloomberg gleefully reporting their plummeting government bond values – daily. Canadian business reporting? Don’t Canadians have that genetically inherited, innate global viewpoint not shared by their American colleagues? Alas, financial amnesia does not respect borders and journalists Canadian or American, weren’t/aren’t touching Europe with a whole bunch of 10 foot poles all taped together.

While journalists were obsessing about the costs of McDonald’s value meals in Davos, Switzerland, I decided to check in with the European stock markets and see just how grim things really are over there.

Their stock market is up [1] over 20% [mid-October 2014 to January 23, 2015].

I think the market technicians would call this a bull market. Yes, grim news indeed!


[1] Stoxx 600 chart:




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