Retirement Day

After counselling clients about retirement planning all these years, I can truly appreciate the process because I can now ask my retired clients for advice!

I will be retired as of October 1, 2017.

Subjectively, there is certainly a wash of feelings; elation and the odd mix of being excited and terrified at the same time. Bittersweet - as I truly loved this business and having great clients made my day.  Saying all those goodbyes is tougher than I thought.

I vastly enjoyed the challenge of increasing client’s wealth and managing the life savings of over a hundred families.

There has been of course, ups and down during the last 30 years. Market crashes, geo-political events, recessions, etc. etc. – good times and bad times as history invariably repeats itself. I suspect that this will not change. Having a trusted advisor will help us keep us on the right path.

I have made the decision to retire a few years earlier than originally planned and have decided to sell our home in Kitchener/Waterloo and move back to our roots in Northern Ontario. We have a rural retirement property up there but it is not ready yet! We will be homesteading for the first number of years as we concentrate on infrastructure – drilling a well, plumbing, heating, winterization, etc. etc. We have hydro as the only utility. No cell signal where we are.

I have developed a sudden interest in tractors.

Therefore, I bid adieu to all of my clients, colleagues and the many friends I’ve made in the industry.

I hope I’ve made a difference. Perhaps our paths may cross once again.

With warmest personal regards,

Glenn Szlagowski – Financial Advisor (retired)

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