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Know your investments

Investors must be mindful of what they own and why they own it.

It is very important to contact me at least once a year in order to review not only your accounts but to see if your risk tolerance or willingness to accept risk has changed or material circumstances has changed.

Please book those appointments with your financial advisor!

If daytime appointments are not convenient, we can schedule weeknight or week-end appointments as well.

Technology, Investing, the Internet and you

[Editor’s note: I wrote this article quite a number of years ago and thought it was worth freshening up and sending out once again. Not much has changed in the regulatory world about email communications used for investment transaction purposes. As I found out in 1997, the investment industry grudgingly tolerates emailed instructions and then only too, under very specific circumstances. I've just read an article announcing the "death" of conventional email as things like Twitter and other forms of web based communications are rapidly replacing old technologies like email.]

Don't get me wrong, I still love email.

However, a call from an irritated client about a missing email has prompted me to re-think the way we use email for business purposes.

Risky business - determining risk and suitability for mutual fund investments
What is risk and how do we define it?
Many investors would presume that risk means the permanent loss of capital. This is true, of course. If you invested in a dot com stock that bombed several years ago you could have easily lost your entire investment.
Short of outright fraud, it is unlikely that anyone can lose all of their money investing in a equity mutual fund. This is not too difficult to understand as mutual funds usually have dozens of stocks in their portfolios. To lose all of your money, each of those stocks would have to go bankrupt.

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